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On the one hand, the name of “SINO” is the transliteration of “SINO” from “SINO-TELECOM”. We name the company as “SINO-TELECOM”, for the post-70 and post-80 generation are our initial team with self-improvement, self-discipline, and social commitment. Taking the predecessors (including Deng Jiaxian, Yu Min, Ren Zhengfei, and others) as examples and following the philosophy of “simplicity makes one wise and tranquility furthers one’s mind”, we are striving to make Sino to be an innovation-based company in the field of telecommunication and internet security, which shall stand for the image of business generation of China (SINO) and shall be a China-based and global-oriented company.

“Sino” implies the company’s establishment principle of “devote every effort to fulfill each promise we sincerely made!”

  • The promise stands for the commitment Sino made to its customers: we shall spare no pains to meet our customers’ demands and shall feel ease for whatever difficulties we encounter.
  • This promise also represents the commitment we made to our staff: the moment you join in Sino, Sino shall work and develop with you through thick and thin. With each wealth we create, Sino shall share it with all the staff; and whenever our staffs encounter difficulties, Sino shall be the strong supporter for them.
  • This promise also represents the commitment our staff made to Sino: the moment you join in Sino, we shall work together and spare no pains to make Sino to be the outstanding and innovation-based high-tech enterprise; and you shall realize your own value of life in Sino.


We make great efforts to provide staff with various welfare benefits. Besides the compulsory social insurance required by the state and Shanghai city, Sino’s staff also enjoy the following favorable social benefits provided by the company:

  • Free health examination organized by the company each year;
  • Group spring (autumn) tour organized by the company each year;
  • 6 - 12 days of annual paid vacation; plus with over 12 days of Spring Festival holidays;
  • For those that work in the company over 5 years, they can enjoy annual holiday allowance exclusive to senior employees; plus 3 days of extra annual paid vacation;
  • Sino’s staff can enjoy commercial group insurance (including critical illness insurance) provided by the company; the company also provides extra commercial insurance for those staff who frequently travel for business;
  • The company shall allocate special fund as house-purchase allowance for those outstanding employees that purchase houses in Songjiang.
  • All mothers are provided with flexible breastfeeding leave.
  • It is planned to establish an education center with an area of 200 square meters for looking after the children of staff after school at the headquarters building.
  • It is planned to establish “Sino Funds” for subsidizing the direct relatives including parents and children of staff who suffer from serious illness.

Social Responsibility

Sino-Telecom participates in various social donation and co-construction activities:
We actively participate in the community co-construction activity every year and offer financial assistance to the elderly people living alone and children of migrant peasant workers.
We also make donation to disaster areas such as Wenchuan earthquake, Ludian earthquake, etc.
We are not capricious because of limited capital, but we strive to be an excellent enterprise citizen.