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[Family Day] Sino-Telecom outing in the spring season

In the season that Spring answers the earth and everything reawakens, Sino-Telecom organized a Spring outing with the theme of “Voice of Spring” for its employees on March 27th.

About 10:00 in the morning of March 27th, employees together with their family drove or took the company shuttle bus to a farming village to pick strawberries. The strawberries were red, big and juicy, which made everyone’s mouth water. Everyone especially the kids cannot help eating while picking. An hour later, everyone picked a basket of strawberries and left the greenhouses of strawberries with a feeling of contentment.

Next to greenhouses of strawberries, there are a patch of peach trees. The peach blossoms were in full splendour. It was so beautiful that everyone took out his/her mobile phone or camera to take photos of the beautiful scenery.


About 12:00, employees and their family were together to have dinner. Everyone happily talked and laughed, and enjoyed the food. There was a free and relaxed atmosphere. It was obvious that everyone had a good time.


After lunch, it was free activity time. Kids gathered together to play games and feed the sheep. They ran and jumped, laughed and cried. So much fun they had had the whole day!

The outing makes everyone relax the body and mind and alleviates the pressure of work and life. Moreover, it reflects Sino-Telecom’s team vitality and enhances the friendship between colleagues. In the Spring of hope, our passion will push us to sail forward together with the company!

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