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Sino-Telecom Successfully Participated in China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) Exhibition of 2016

The 24th China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing from Mar. 24th to Mar. 26th.

As a new comer in the field of broadcasting and TV, Sino-Telecom attaches great importance to this exhibition. We participated in the exhibition, on one hand to show our well-prepared C-FTTH full series solutions specially designed for broadcasting and TV network; on the other hand to make friends and find strategic partner in the field of broadcasting and TV.   

In the exhibition, Sino-Telecom officially released SAN3700 10U chassis G/EPON OLT which is with the most popular architecture in the industry, as well as 1U pizza box G/EPON OLT which is with the highest port density in nationwide. Moreover, as the provider of C-FTTH full series solutions with the widest range of PON technology, Sino-Telecom can not only provide full series G/EPON OLT and ONU, but also customize WDM PON solutions for broadcasting and TV network, which can easily realize full coverage of G/EPON network without relaying of optical cables. Besides that, Sino-Telecom’s G/EPON link amplifier doubles the coverage range of C-FTTH. As a high-end device which exclusively supports G/EPON dual-mode protocol analysis in worldwide, XPA2000 ensures the interconnection and interworking of G/EPON network for broadcasting and TV field.

Sino-Telecom’s products and technology have also gained wide recognition from the partners. In the exhibition, the broadcasting and TV planning institute showed the solution to the interconnection and interworking of PON network. Sino-Telecom’s XPA2000 G/EPON dual-mode protocol analyzer provides strong support for the planning institute’s test. Besides that, Sino-Telecom’s FPGA-based 10GE IP video transmission system has been well displayed in CCBN exhibition as well, which filled the last piece of the puzzle for partners’ 10GE home solutions.

During the exhibition, Sino-Telecom’s full series solutions attracted a large number of customers. Not only customers of broadcasting and TV network from various places of the country, but also a lot of overseas customers visited our booth. Sino-Telecom’s participation in the CCBN exhibition of 2016 had won great success.


The FTTH team of Sino-Telecom will take this CCBN exhibition as an opportunity to make efforts to close the customers’ demand, to play the company’s advantages of thick technical reserves and rapid development capability, as well as to strive to become the most valuable FTTH partner in the construction of broadcasting and TV network!   

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