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In order to improve the employees’challenging and team-work spirits, enrich the employees’leisure life, as well as strengthen the communication and exchanges among different departments, the autumn sports meeting was organized after elaborate planning of the general manager and staff of human resources department.

The sports meeting contains events such as set shot, 3:3 basketball match, table tennis match and billiard game etc.

After a week of good preparation, at 18:20 of October 31th, the first autumn sports meeting of Sino-Telecom started at the fitness center, which is on the 6th floor of Sino-Telecom’s new office building.

The first event was set shot. There are in all 6 points, which can respectively score 2 points, 3 points and 4 points from the near to the far. There are two chances at each point. The outcome is decided by the scoring of a round. 

Then the table tennis match was followed by.

The match adopted the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals system.

After the draw, the match started and entered the "fight" stage. The scene of the match is heart-thrilling. The crowd were enormously enthusiastic. Loud burst of cheers and excited voice of "brave" continued. 

(The players showed their best performance, and the crowd took delight from watching.)


A variety of superb skills dazzled the crowd.)


The female player outperformed her male counterpart.)


The championship match.)

After the table tennis match, it was billiard game.

The game followed Pool Eight Ball Standard Rules.

The players performed well in the game--graceful posture, rapt expression, right strength, precise positioning and tight defense, which all reflected the professional level of the players.

The players perfectly showed their gentleman style and king style. Meanwhile, they also completely displayed their wonderful skills. Many expert players competed in this game, therefore, it relies not only on skill but also on luck to win the game.


After a fierce battle, here is the name list of the top three winners of every event:

Set Shot: champion--Liu Chao from R&D Department, runner-up--Xia Bowen from Sales Department, third place holder--Huafeng from Sales Department & Shao Ye from R&D Department.

Table Tennis: champion--Wu Zhiyuan (Manager of R&D Department), runner-up--Liu Weixiong from R&D Department, third place holder--Zhou Hua from Purchasing Department.

Billiard: champion--Fan Wenjun from Sales Department, runner-up--Liu Chao from R&D Department, third place holder--Yao Huifeng from R&D Department.


At this point, the first autumn sports meeting of Sino-Telecom which lasts 12 days (from October 31st to November 11th) has successfully come to an end.


The players struggled hard and sweated profusely in the game. The most important thing in the game is to participate. If we win, it affirms our level; if we lose, it will inspire our spirit. The game ended in a harmonious laughter, which not only provides an opportunity for employees to make mutual exchange and learn skills , but also provides a chance to show yourself and further inspire everyone’s enthusiasm and spirit of hard work.


We hope that such enthusiasm and spirit will not be standstill because of the end of the game. Instead of that, we hope that everyone can put such enthusiasm and spirit into the work and life.