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On December 3rd of 2016, in order to celebrate the completion of projects, reward everyone’s hard work, and strengthen teamwork spirit,the R&D department organized a trip to Chongming in the support of the company and with the help of the HR and administration departments.



The First Stop: Chongming Xisha Wetland Park

We visited estuarine tidal flat geomorphology geological relics, wetland geological relics and wetland vegetation, birds, benthic animals etc. It has rich topography and landforms. We saw a variety of wetland forms such as lake, mud flat, inland river, reed cluster, swamp etc.


The Second Stop: Dongping National Forest Park

Here we return to nature. The lush forests, clear green water and beautiful environment arouse our fascination with nature. Place ourselves into that, we were all reluctant to leave.


The Third Stop: BBQ & Bonfire Party

Due to the fast development of the R&D department,there are many new employees. In the party, there is an introduction of employees of every project team. After that, we enjoyed the show while eating the delicious food. 


This trip made employees of the R&D department know each other better, strengthened the cohesion of the whole department, as well as made everyone get relaxed.

The trip to Chongming is over. We need to prepare for a new round of work.We believe that everyone will be more energetic and more enthusiasm into the work, and will make a valuable contribution to the company!