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On January 10th of 2017, leaders of Sino-Telecom launched the weekly event of the new year.

This event is mainly based on PON knowledge contest, as well as adds various sports games such as basketball, table tennis and billiards etc.

Registration Conditions of PON Knowledge Contest:

1. Familiar with SAN3700-G08/G16 and ONU series products;

2. Able to complete the test application case, familiar with the user manual and can fulfill the openning-up of the user.

There is no registration condition for other sports games.

Basketball, table tennis, billiards and other games carried on in perfect order in the week’s leisure time. The games were held at the noon of January 10th to January 13th, and the results of the games came out on January 13th. The winners of the games were awarded in the annual meeting of the company. 


At 4:00 PM of January 13th, the PON knowledge contest were held in the lobby of the company. Staff from different departments such as R&D, test, market and production departments actively participated in the contest.

Form of the Contest:

1. At the first round, competitors were divided into different groups. Each group raced to be the first to answer the questions. The three competitors who scored highest in each group had the right to participate in the second-round contest. And 8 to 10 competitors were selected to participate the final contest.  

2. Competitors used the responders to answer the questions. There is deduction of 10 points a time both for foul play and wrong answer.

3. There were 8 questions for each group in the first round, and about 30 questions in the second round.

The PON knowledge contest was hosted by Mr. Wu, director of R&D department and judged by the manager of the test department. Colleagues from the market department were responsible for scoring. In addition to the participants, the contest also attracted many colleagues from different departments of the company to witness. Besides that, many leaders of Sino-Telecom watched the contest as well.


In the process of racing to be the first to answer the questions, it not only competes the accuracy but also competes the speed. The scene is a warm atmosphere, and the audience roared with thunderous applause. Until the risk link, the scores were gradually distanced. Finally, a colleague from the R&D department won the first prize.


There were generous awards for the PON knowledge contest, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of colleagues’participation, and meanwhile greatly improved the learning efficiency of PON related knowledge for colleagues present.