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 With the theme of “New Beginning, New Journey”, the 2016 grand annual meeting of Sino-Telecom was held in the banquet hall of Huatian Resort Hotel in Tianmuhu Lake.


At the beginning, CEO of the company published ebullience new year greetings:

“The just past year of 2016 is an important turning point in the development milestones of Sino-Telecom--We not only moved to the new headquarters building, but also achieved a gradual transition from guerrillas to the regular army in this year. Our R&D department is growing: staff in the R&D department work hard and strive to complete the product upgrade as soon as possible in the two main battlefields of optical network and information security. Our sales department also delivers the goods: Under the circumstances that the product technology is in a period of discontinuity, and the profits of the company’s early products are declining, staff in sales department overcome difficulties and actively explore new markets. As a result, they handed over a satisfactory answer, and won critical strategic respite for our company. The administration and supply chain departments are becoming more and more standardized. The new ERP system greatly improves the efficiency of the supply chain, and basically achieves zero customer complaints. Moreover, the timely rate has reached a new height.

With the gradual release of new products and the gradual formation of new market opportunities, the sustainable growth of Sino-Telecom in the next few years has a more solid foundation. Looking ahead, although the environment is not very good and the competition is increasingly fierce, we have the courage and determination for further improvement, whether it is technology or market.


Sino-Telecom is shared by everyone. It is a long way to go in the future. As long as there is a sense of responsibility and executive power, and we are of one heart and one mind, we must have the opportunity to become the leading company in the fusion field of communication and network security.”


    Then the wonderful performances started. There were guitar, dance, songs, magic, sketch, children’s drama and chorus, which were unusually brilliant with one climax after another and brought a visual feast to the company staff.


The party lasted more than 3 hours. The wonderful shows including “Song of Sino-Telecom” which is close to the company’s culture, the romantic and beautiful dance “Dream World” and the unique cross-gender performance “New Drunkened Concubine” etc. The brilliant performances on the stage attracted the audience’s laughter repeatedly. The atmosphere reached a long-time climax.

   The atmosphere of the party is lively, which let the colleagues affected and harvest the heart-to-heart tacit understanding of the company while enjoying the performances.

Sino-Telecom’s Hot Spring & Bamboo Sea Tour in Tianmuhu Lake


On January 14th of 2017, all the staff of Sino-Telecom went to Liyang of Changzhou city to start the hot spring and bamboo sea tour. After having lunch in Liyang, the staff went to Yushui Hot Spring to wash away the fatigue of the year. In the hot spring which is located at the top of the mountain, people can enjoy the beautiful bamboo sea while enjoying the hot spring.

On January 15th, we visited Tianmuhu Lake and Nanshan Bamboo Sea. In Tianmuhu Lake Park, we took a boat to watch the natural beauty of lakes and mountains which made us relax. After landing, we strolled on the island. Sometimes we stopped to enjoy the beautiful view and sometimes to enjoy a cup of tea. We were laughing and chatting all the way. Everyone had a wonderful time. 


In Nanshan Bamboo Sea, the natural oxygen bar in the bamboo forest purified the body and mind. We divided into two groups--one took sightseeing car to shuttle the bamboo forest and embarked on the aerial ropeway to overlook the bamboo sea; another climbed the mountain on foot who climbed the first peak of Nanyue step by step.

The event ended in a piece of laughter. Everyone relaxed in the beautiful scenery and were filled with oxygen, which made us full of energy to meet the new year’s battle. We believe that every colleague can overcome all difficulties in the process of Sino-Telecom’s development and will work hard for a better tomorrow of Sino-Telecom!