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Shanghai and Jiangsu Tsinghua alumni held Table tennis activities

To commemorate the 106 anniversary of the establishment of Tsinghua University, Shanghai and Jiangsu Tsinghua Alumni get-together on 24th and 25th June, 2017. The event was organized by Tsinghua alumni Shanghai Table Tennis Club, sponsored by the Sino Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. More than 40 people from Shanghai and Jiangsu Tsinghua alumni attended the event. Shanghai Alumni Representative Yehongen, Qin Wei Fang, Feng Jinfeng did accommodation for the people and special guests Zhao Qihua and seniors  Jiangsu alumni representatives  Wenbo, Hu Shujian participated in the event.

Both Jiangsu and Shanghai Tsinghua Alumni association held table tennis tournament as the main event third time this year. The purpose of the event is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two alumni through sport, to promote friendship between the alumni, promote the sport spirit of Tsinghua "healthy work for the motherland “. On 25th June morning, table tennis match started in Sino Telecom Technologies, Ltd which is located in Shanghai's Songjiang District.

 Athletes are divided into four teams: Shanghai First team, Shanghai Second Team, Jiangsu teams and mixed teams, each consisting of seven athletes, including five men players and two women players.


Tournament matches take seven ways, the first stage is Shanghai team against a mixed team, Jiangsu team against the Shanghai second team, the result is Shanghai team and Jiangsu team wins respectively. The second stage consists of a team of Shanghai first team and Jiangsu team decided at one or two and Shanghai Second Team and mixed team decided at three or four. After half a day of intense competition, in the final Jiangsu team had victory over Shanghai first team as 4: 3 and won a first place, a Shanghai team finished second; Shanghai Second Team had a victory over the mixed team as 5: 2 and came third. After the contest, the Secretary-General of Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association Qin Wei Fang awarded the trophy to representative of the director of the Jiangsu Team, home-loving calligraphy, Leung presented the "actions speak louder than words" calligraphy for the organizer.Please check the names and the sentence formation


In addition, in the afternoon of June 24th before the game, alumni of the two places visited the "Guangfu Lin Forest Site Cultural Park" in Songjiang, Shanghai "." Guangfu Lin Forest Site Cultural Park “is praised as "the root of Shanghai cultural history", is the seventh batch of national key cultural relic Protection Units approved by the State Council. Through the excavation, clearance and research of the archaeologists in the past 50 years, it is concluded that the "FU" area has already had the existence and production activities of human beings 4,000 years ago, thus greatly advancing the history of Shanghai's cultural development. After “Guangfu Lin Forest Site Cultural Park” is completed, it will become a new cultural and historical Landmark in Shanghai. By visiting, the history of Shanghai has made a better understanding of the historical development of Shanghai and at the same time, the initial taste of the “future Guangfu Lin Forest Site Cultural Park" after the completion of the cultural atmosphere and momentum, left a deep impression.


Through the Shanghai- Jiangsu Tsinghua alumni friendship activities, participating in the activities of the alumni not only through sports competitions, visits and other forms of communication to achieve the purpose of physical and mental pleasure but also to increase the historical and cultural knowledge for the future to be able to work more healthily, life added a new impetus. Under the meticulous organization and arrangement of Shanghai Alumni Associations, the two alumni fellowship activities have been successful! I am also very grateful to Sun Pengfei and Cheil alumni for their strong support for the event and all volunteers.


(Written by Yuan Fan 2017/6/25)