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The company held Dianshan Lake Camp

In order to strengthen team bonding, improve teamwork, enhance cohesion and promote   communication and collaboration between the company's departments, the company held a large-scale team camping activity along the lake in the summer before midsummer.

The activities were carried out in two days and the first morning everyone arrived at their destinations and began organizing tents on the grassy side of the lake. In the process of tent building, adults and children work together to build up their own "home".

After building the tents our party came to Shanghai Yacht Club began the first item of camping - Lake Cruising which was divided into two ways: sailing and kayaking.


Sailing in the lake: we lined one by one in an order eight people in a group, sitting on both sides of the sailboat, chatting on the boat, enjoying the lake scenery, let the wind from the lake to take us to the middle of the lake, blowing wind in the lake with the wind drifting, blowing out a tired, which let us feel a free taste. Kayaking Tour Lake: Two people a group, feel the fun of boating, paddling sounded like a child's nursery rhyme " Let’s sway twin oars, our little boat’s plowing across the ripples~


After the cruise activities, the company prepared a variety of food, fruits, and drinks for everyone. Everyone on the grass was eating food and enjoying the breeze brought the lake, it was pleasant. On the other side of this meadow there was large lawn where adults and children together had a run in that little world of green grass. They played football, "scramble" in rushing it a football; there were kite-flying, while holding hands in line while running forward; there are some people were playing Gomoku, attracting the "audience" around the lake into a circle; there are sitting in an informal discussion meeting, a few children, adults together, others playing games, children liked the game of eagle catch chickens ... And so on, formed a beautiful landscape.


Dinner was a wild barbecue with all kinds of food. After dinner, we held a wonderful evening campfire, we enjoy a joyous and spent a pleasant evening.

Late night at lake, the sound of waves, slightly drunk, folk feel a strong urge to compose poems, "I come to view the Dianshan Lake, from Qingpu on western shore. Its water rolls in rhythmic motion and islands stand amid its roar. Tree on tree grows from peak to peak, Grass on grass looks lush far and high. The autumn wind blows drear and bleak, the monstrous billows surge up high. The sun by day, the moon by night, Appear to rise up from the deep. The Milky Way with stars so bright. Sinks down into the sea in sleep. Sino’s way was tough and difficult, we concentric will inevitably Bernanke, How happy I feel at this sight! I croon this poem in delight! Imitation Mengde’s Masterpiece blurts out

After breakfast in next day, it started the Dragon Boat Race activities, this activity is the will of the competition, is the perseverance of the contest and the unity of forces. Dragon Boat races are divided into two teams, with a command, the two dragon boat crew together to paddle. The fastest speed goes forward, under the leadership of the command to form a powerful force, so that the dragon boat in the vast river in the rapid forward. In the final schedule, "Sino’s all the people are very excited, we show unity, go forward, both yearning for the first, and not afraid to lose, with a single-minded rush."


In the event of the Dragon Boat Race, the team members cooperate closely and work together to melt the high performance Passion team, to feel the dynamic and enthusiastic cultural experience, to achieve the team goal, so that the relationship between the team members has been further sublimated.

In the two days of camping activities, we laughed, sweat intertwined, children hearty laughter floating down the Dianshan Lake, every member of the team will feel the genuineness of the warmth and harmony of the family Sino-Telecom.