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Travel to Huangshan Mountain

On June 26th, 2015, in order to express the gratitude to the hard work and efforts of the employees, promote understanding between employees and enhance solidarity and friendship between employees, a 3-day travel to Huangshan Mountain was organized by Sino-Telecom for the employees. Goals of the travel are:
1.To show the company style, make the company culture active and prosperous, as well as strengthen team cohesion and teamwork spirit.
2.To enrich the amateur life of employees and inspire the enthusiasm of employees to participate in various activities organized by the company.
3.To strengthen and consolidate the employees’ understanding of the company management system, company philosophy and culture. Enable individuals to integrate personal value into social responsibility.
4.Entertainment, cultivate staff sentiment and relieve work fatigue.

Scenic Spots: Hong Village/Huangshan Mountain/Tunxi Old Street

Day 1
We left Shanghai and started the travel. During the journey, we were energetic and happy to play various games such as singing songs, wechat red packets etc. Several hours later, we arrived in Tangkou. After having meal together, everyone returned to the hotel rooms to have a sleep and got ready for the travel of the next day.

Day 2
After breakfast, we started our travel from the beautiful ancient village--Hong Village. For its integrating nature and culture, Hong Village has been called “the town in a landscape painting”. We took half day to visit the village. The village is so beautiful that we were too delighted to leave.

After lunch, we began to climb Huangshan Mountain and visited scenic spots such as Ciguangge, Guest-greeting pine and Flying stone etc. The fresh air and beautiful view make everybody forget the fatigue of climbing mountain and everyone was excited to take photos. After nearly 4 hours, we arrived at the hotel nearby the second highest peak--Light. After taking a rest, we enjoyed the meal together.

After meal, there were free activities such as walking, playing cards and drinking tea etc. Everyone chose the activity he was interested in and had a good time! 

Day 3
After a good sleep in the hotel, we restored physical strength and got ready to go down the mountain. About two hours later, we gathered at the foot of the mountain and drove to Tunxi Old Street. The old street is famous for its Anhui-style architecture and delicious food.

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