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Sino Telecom Annual Event In 2019

On January 19, 2019, Shanghai Sino Telecom technology co., held an annual grand meeting with the theme of "paddling water from the middle stream and entering people who are excited" in songjiang new city.

Sino is on the way, like a boat against the current, not back. In the future, in the wave of communication market, only the transport will be able to brave the tide, in order to make a big difference, we must take the initiative,and work hard.

Before the formal start of the party, the heads of departments at all levels first reported the work situation of their departments in 2018 to the whole staff, and made a forecast for 2019. First of all, general manager CAI, director of domestic marketing, made a summary and report on the domestic market situation in 2018. Despite the bad environment in 2018, with the efforts of the domestic market team, we still achieved a growth of about 30%. Looking into the future in 2019, the company's optical network and big data products are increasingly improved, and the company has added the Internet of things product line. All sales colleagues in the market should strive to move forward and be the first to lay a solid foundation for the company's leap-forward development.

Then Derek, director of international sales, came to the stage and concluded: although the share of international sales in the company in 2018 is not very large, it has achieved a 150% year-on-year growth, which is inseparable from the strong support of the international sales team and r&d and operation colleagues; Looking ahead to 2019, the international sales team more powerful and already have sales and technical support, business and brand/marketing comprehensive ability, and optical network products, especially in access network, the product has strong competitiveness in the international market, the overseas market development potential is tremendous, 2019 Sino will continue to adhere to go out strategy, strive to accomplish all of the $10 million sales task.

Manager wu of the research and development center made a summary report to the whole company on the research and development work in 2018. As a research and development company,Sino's 2018 is a fruitful year. DCI product preliminary test sound, D16H, such as performance function or product port density and power consumption have reached the highest level in the industry, not only through the domestic operator's shortlisted test, but also gradually began to open a number of domestic test bureau; GPON OLT SAN3700 as the representative of the access network products continue to optimize, and has been highly recognized by some overseas big T, However, the differentiated products with Sino Telecom characteristics, whether PON polymerization and PON amplifier, XPA series protocol analyzer, and X1000LI distributed access network protocol analyzer, have shown remarkable strength, and have gradually come to the market. In 2019, the r&d center needs to continue to strengthen product stability and quality assurance; Strengthen product development and market integration; Enhance product delivery in line with NPI and improve the ease of site deployment; Strengthen product management and product manager responsibilities, strengthen product definition and product promotion,Strengthen the construction of echelon teams by supplementing intermediate r&d forces,Optimize r&d performance incentives.

Then manager Yang of the operation center made a summary report of the department: the past 2018 was a year for the operation department to lay a solid foundation and forge ahead; Although there is no special outstanding report card, but in the reduction of staff and improve efficiency at the same time successfully completed the company's task indicators; The quality trend is stable and improving, and the material cost has both dropped. The production and delivery are 100% achieved, the new product introduction ability is enhanced, and the start of lean production and manufacturing information construction is all the way to the company's "high quality, flexible" operation and delivery goal. Looking into the New Year, all the staff of the operation center will continue to stick to the target and not relax; Strengthen the cost/manufacturability review of new product introduction, and do a good relay for the rapid introduction of new product into mass production; Strengthen the quality of all staff learning and personnel training, enhance the information manufacturing ability and flexible delivery response, help the company in the tide of the market to fight the wind and wave, exciting move to win!


After half an hour's intermission, the art performance began.Speaking of talent shows, we have to say that Sino's employees are really versatile. First of all, an opening dance brought by the research and development team that is popular all over the country -- dancing together instantly attracted the attention of the whole audience.Internet of things business division -- the individual wonderful talk show program of mordor three minor;Research and development personnel soulful cantonese song Gradually;The beautiful dance life waiting for you, stunning all;Operating guy to bring the tide of electronic music, Launchpad play - 《君の名は》. The research and development department brought the sketch tang seng dating, and follow the fashion trend of social shake.

Next is the dinner lucky drawing activity that everybody expects, everybody is enjoying sumptuous dinner and praying silently in the bottom of their hearts that they become the lucky one in drawing, wave after wave of mysterious prize makes everybody full of expectation, the same is that most people are still sunny. The annual meeting came to a close with the reluctant farewell.

There is no doubt that the middle stream paddles the water and the people who rush to move in are full of vigor and vitality. Looking forward to the future, we are looking forward to xinnuo gathering new momentum and coruscating new vitality, and plowing ahead in the tide of communication market economy.