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Gather in the Shanghai to welcome new alumni - 2018 Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association Welcome Party

A good sight of year must remember, the most is the golden autumn when the new.On October 14, 2018, the Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association Welcome Conference was held smoothly, and nearly 300 Tsinghua alumni were gathered together.

As the host of the Welcome Party, the vice president and secretary general of Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association and the general manager of Tusholdings (Shanghai) Han Wei on behalf of the alumni will warmly welcome the arrival of new and old alumni.

Ms. Qin Weifang, President of Shanghai Alumni Association and Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shanghai Yidian IOT Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. She said that there are more than 10,000 alumni in Shanghai and more than 8,000 alumni, emphasizing that the alumni association is a warm family, encouraging young alumni to participate, learning from each other and helping each other.

Mr. Su Weimin, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association and Director of Standards and Regulations of Philips Lighting Asia Pacific, gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a bridge between alumni and Tsinghua University. It is also a link for serving and maintaining alumni. It is also a great stage for demonstrating the positive energy of the Tsinghua era.

At the meeting, three outstanding alumni representatives from different ages and different fields made a wonderful sharing of their new life alumni. Tiger Xie, founder and chairman of the entrepreneurial alumnus Shanghai Sino Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., sent a message to the younger brothers to be an optimist, to be a good person, to adhere to the Tsinghua tradition of physical exercise, and also to be rational. Remind that entrepreneurship is difficult, and you must be fully prepared and think twice. Lin Fudong, deputy director of the Civil Service Alumni Xuhui District Development and Reform Commission and director of the Financial Office, shared his personal growth experience, saying that Tsinghua people should actively adapt to the environment, do their jobs on the ground, and be the first to be a man, laughing that the first button of life should be fastened. The oldest alumnus of the orientation, the former Shanghai Alumni Association Vice President and Secretary General Ye Honggen began to serve the alumni association for more than 30 years, and has been working for 58 years in the motherland. Ye Lao is a history of the development of the Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association! His speech won the warmest applause and the highest respects on the scene!

Subsequently, representatives of the professional committees of the Shanghai Alumni Association gave brief introductions and recruitment briefings to their respective committees. The Shanghai Alumni Association Secretariat introduced the four functional departments (Cultural and Sports Department, Media Propaganda Department, Standing Department, and Innovation Department). Recruitment, warmly welcome new alumni to actively participate in the work of serving alumni.

Finally, the old, middle and young alumni of the audience took a group photo to celebrate the smooth convening of the orientation. In the 2018 Yingxin group, the alumni of the Xiaodong East improvised poetry to help the students: Shuimu Tsinghua had no love, and the emperors were all pilgrimage. The two places are in the autumn and the wind, and the Aipu River I-shaped hall. Let us wish that the Shanghai Alumni Association will be better and better, and that every alumnus will grow up healthy and happy in this big family.