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Braves are fearless, build a future market expansion activities

At the time of the convening of the staff meeting in the second quarter of Sino, colleagues from the market in the major offices of the country gathered at the headquarters. On July 7, all employees of the marketing department and colleagues from the brother department went to Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park to launch experiential outdoor development activities.

At the beginning of the activity, everyone under the leadership of the coach was divided into three groups. After a group of brainstorming, the sound of the team name, the magnificent slogan, the very characteristic group LOGO one by one. "Unification", "Qian Jin" and "Arctic Fox" have distinct personality, and the vibrant group image has opened the prelude to the expansion activities.

The Team Beat, Inspired People, Received People and Excellence Circle are among the four major projects. The well-designed expansion projects have inspired everyone's interest and enthusiasm. Under the joint cooperation of each group of members, they have overcome the goals that were once thought impossible or impossible to achieve. After each project, the team members share the joy of success and the passion of challenge, and discuss the key factors of success together. I fully understand the management consciousness and art that are closely related to the work of team trust, effective communication, rational organization, execution and teamwork.

In the process of challenging the project, everyone actively participated in and challenged the difficulties, boldly challenged themselves, and rationally played the strengths of the team members, taking advantage of the strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Every joy is touched, and every touch is from the shock of the soul.

After completing the challenge project of the Moon Lake Sculpture Park, the three groups of achievements were glued and difficult to distinguish. With the persistence of not accepting the loss, the three groups of people received a new challenge mission: 12 kilometers of hiking through, scenic roads, mountain roads, highways and other road conditions covered, conquering the arduous first and third peaks in Shanghai The task needs to be completed within three hours.

After the previous round of competition, many of my colleagues' clothes have been soaked in sweat or even muddy water, and the shoes and socks have been almost able to unscrew the water because of the muddy pits all the way. But no colleague has the feeling of retreating. Everyone laughs and sings on foot. A group of people wearing Shino LOGO t-shirts has almost become a scenic spot in the mountainous area. This route is not only to complete the designated crossing route, but each group also needs to complete the five major tasks on the way. All mission items except the “Every Eight Lives in the Scenic Spot” require the participation of the entire team. Maximize the awareness of teamwork among team members. The three groups of players arrived at the designated destination of Xiqiao Mountain almost at the same time on the premise of completing the five major tasks.

Colleagues in the marketing department are stationed in their respective provinces on weekdays and rarely have the opportunity to meet. Through this expansion activity, we have promoted mutual understanding and felt the importance of communication, cooperation, cohesiveness, mutual encouragement, harmonious interpersonal relationship and compliance with unified norms. At the same time, everyone as a member of Xinnuo, as a Xinnuo to Xin Connaught, this big collective sense of belonging has doubled, and it has strengthened the confidence of “the brave and fearless, and built a future”. They once again returned to their respective jobs and worked together to share the new and splendid chapter of Sino.