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Songjiang Calligrapher visits Sino to show the charm of Chinese traditional culture

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Sino employees and show the charm of Chinese traditional culture, on July 8, Sino Telecom invited Jin Dongyun, vice chairman of Songjiang District Calligraphy Association, Zhang Bin, vice president of Songjiang District Tongxin Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and Shanghai Calligraphers Association. The board of directors Peng Yufeng, the vice chairman of the Songjiang District Calligraphers Association Gu Junfeng and the Songjiang Calligraphers Association member Li Honghuan and other five teachers, went into Xinnuo to launch a calligraphy culture experience for Sino employees.

At the scene of the event, the ink was overflowing. First, Jin Dongyun, vice chairman of the Songjiang District Calligraphy Association, wrote the four powerful characters of Sino Telecom. Then the calligraphers wrote a splash of ink for Sino employees and their families. “天道酬勤”、“人可生如蚁而美如神”、“自强自立”“宁静致远”“积学储宝”“奋发图强”, etc., an elegant and elegant calligraphy work, one by one, vigorous and smart On the paper, the Sino employees took over a pair of well-written ink treasures, which enshrined the Sino people's vision and yearning for the future of themselves and their families.

This event not only comprehensively enhances the spiritual and cultural life of Sino employees, but also creates a strong calligraphy culture atmosphere for Sino, which enables Sino employees to feel the care of the company while enjoying the traditional Chinese calligraphy culture. It has enhanced the sense of belonging of employees in Sino and invested more enthusiasm in the future work and life.