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R&D 2018 Mission Building Outreach

On the afternoon of August 24th, all the staff of R&D went to Linan, Zhejiang to start group building and experiential outdoor development activities.

On the day of arrival in Lin'an, after the dinner, a research and development communication meeting was held in the conference hall of the hotel. At the meeting, the new employees who started the job since 2018 were introduced. The manager of each department introduced the team members and work of each department. Progress results, sharing of lessons learned and future improvements. The new staff and team introductions give you a deeper understanding of the R&D staff in each department.. Finally, R&D manager Wu made a summary report that the future is bright and the road is tortuous.

The next day, after breakfast, the Sino Telecom R&D team took the bus to the Longjing Gorge in Dalongwan, West Zhejiang.  Longjingxia is a fascinating and snorkeling rafting boat. It is known as “the drifting of mineral water”. It is romantic and unrestrained, and drifting stimulates thrills.At the destination, everyone has been on a leather boat, surrounded by green, deep breath of the grassy air of the mountains, flowing down the forest, experience natural fun in the mountains, water, forests, feel the canyon drifting It’s a different feeling.The stream began to be calm and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. One after another, the shoal came to the front without any breathing space. The cold stream slammed into the body like a beast, and it was soaked in a screaming and screaming. In the middle of cheers, enjoy a wave of drifting happiness.

On the afternoon of the same day, the team of SinoTelecom R&D team visited the scenic spot of the original ecological canyon in the Dalong Bay scenic spot in western Zhejiang. The trees in the canyon were shaded by trees, the waterfalls were clustered, and the stream was crystal clear. In the laughter and laughter, I watched the world-famous boulder, the mysterious dragon pool in the abyss, the natural baths in the heavens and the wonderful beaches, and the wonderful natural wonderland.

After the tour, it is close to the evening, followed by a barbecue and a bonfire show at night. During the period, it was also very lively. Everyone walked around the bonfire and danced happily, dancing with rabbits and playing games. The happy day passed in the game that everyone was still trying.

On the morning of August 26, in the early morning, Sino Telecom R&D team members took the bus to the outdoor and started the team experiencing outdoor development activities. The activities were from team trust, team communication, teamwork, team innovation, execution, cohesion and so on. Aspects of experiential development training. After the collective warm-up, everyone was divided into 4 teams. Each team has a team name, a positive and optimistic slogan and team songs, and a distinctive group logo.

.The well-designed expansion projects such as team beats ,inspired people, Not falling down the forest and Real people CS have aroused everyone’s strong interest and enthusiasm. In the process of challenging the project, everyone actively participated in and challenged the difficulties, fully exerted the role of teamwork, and rationally played the strengths of the team members, taking advantage of the strengths and avoiding weaknesses. After each project challenge, the team members shared the joy of success and the passion of the challenge, fully realized the team management, effective communication, rational organization, execution and teamwork and other management awareness.

Through the passionate drifting of Longjing Gorge, the tour of Dalong Bay Scenic Spot in Zhejiang, experiential outdoor development and R&D communication, Sino’s employees have a good relaxation, and members of various departments have a very good Good interaction and communication have promoted mutual understanding and the importance of communication, cooperation and cohesion. New employees can also integrate into the large group of Sino Telecom R&D team through this activity.

It is worth mentioning that at the R&D communication meeting of this event, the transmission project manager deeply appreciated the reform of hiring a product manager: “The best R&D is not comparable to a good product manager. Selling products is the beginning of the story. Indeed, Sino's product line product managers provide market demand for R&D and guide the R&D direction. The implementation of the product manager position also reflects Sino's customer-oriented market. A business philosophy that is oriented and agile. At the end of the meeting, R&D manager Wu summed up: "The future is bright and the road is tortuous." In the future, all Xinuo people will have to work together to overcome this tortuous and difficult road.