OTN Long Haul In India
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OTN Long Haul In India

GFGNL(Gujrat Fibre Grid Network Limited) is state owned operator providing reliable, secure & scalable connectivity throughout in Gujrat.This project will provide data & voice service in rural areas. All traffic are protected with bi-direction ring over single core.

Whole project is divided into 3 sub-rings for north, east, south zone. Each zone has 30+ nodes. 3*10G traffic per zone needs to travel 1000+ Km and connect every towns in Gujrat.

Fig 1. Network Topology


Sino-Telecom offers mature OTN platform to layout entire network. Network performance and cost are highly related with cable conditions. Cable loss is very high due to aging and multi joints. In several paths, we found cable loss reaches over 1 dB/Km.  In order to provide cost-effective solution and flexibility, Sino-Telecom offers higher performance EDFA with tunable attenuator. Each ILA(In-Line Amplifier) can have the 1~2dB potential gain to face any further service degradation caused by cable joints.

As entire network relies on single core, cable stability need count on quick response and higher sensibility for monitoring and protection mechanism. Sino-Telecom’s NMS can trace the system performance by checking basic BER and the data throughput as well. We will monitor the physical layer and the service layer simultaneously.  Application layer will not aware or affected by OFC(Optical Fiber Cut).

Fig 2. NMS User Interface

Business Value & Conclusion

Sino-Telecom supports GFGNL from network design till integration. Even Sino-Telecom gave customized feature for daily operation and maintenance purpose. Restful based NBI(North Bound Interface) of Sino-Telecom can push useful performance/alarm message to improve network performance. All population can enjoy affordable and sustainable service even in rural area.

STN-6800 platform has higher expandability and stability. End service and main route are protected with bi-direction design.  Cost and performance are balanced to meet with customer requirements. Mature NBI interface from Sino-Telecom, is suitable to be integrated with central NMS which is helpful to assist daily maintenance and operation.

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