Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc. was founded in May 2006. It is a high-tech R&D-focused company specialized in telecommunication system and Big Data products. Sino-Telecom aimed to develop high quality optical solutions for customers globally.
Discover Sino-Telecom
Sino-Telecom aimed to develop high quality optical solutions for the customers globally.
Worldwide Market
Domestic Market
In the domestic market, Sino-Telecom has the privilege of serving private-network customers of State Administration of Radio, Filmland Television, State Grid, China Railway, as well as the first-level telecom operators including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and other companies.
Overseas Market
In the oversea market, Sino-Telecom's products have become available in more than thirty countries and regions, including Canada, Germany, France,  Russia, Japan,  India, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Somalia, and etc.
Our dedicated service and commitment to our customers is encouraging us to expand our footprint further across the continents.
We thank all our customers for their genuine feedback on our services and products to help us serve you better and to maintain a successful long-term association in the generations to come.