1 x 2 Optical Switch
STN6200B-SR2: 1 x 2 Optical Switch for STN6200B Platform

STN6200B series products have strong graphical NMS, every device supports, EMS, and keyboard setting management. Moreover, SR2 supports remote upgrade, current alarm and route status can be displayed on LED, equipment status is clear to see.


STN6200B-SR2 (short for SR2) is an automatic optical router / device protection device (1x 2 automatic optical switch). By monitoring the optical power status of the active / standby route device) in real time, SR2 can switch the optical signal to the backup route when the optical power failure occurs in the active route. In short, SR2 can avoid paralysis of the entire network communication.

The switching control and management control of SR2 are independent with each other in design. Switching function is priority guaranteed, the switching delay is less than 15ms. SR2 provides AC and DC redundant power supply. Industrial design, it can work stably in harsh environment. SR2 support transparent transmission, it is widely used in PDH, SDH system, C / DWDM system, power communication network, CATV optical network and other optical line protection applications.

STN6200B series products have strong graphical NMS, every device supports, EMS, and keyboard setting management. Moreover, SR2 supports remote upgrade, current alarm and route status can be displayed on LED, equipment status is clear to see.


●          Support 1 x 2 optical router / device protection;

●          Support BIDI protection;

●          Support transparent transmission;

●          Support matt lock.

●          Support real time monitoring on optical power.

●          Support TFTP remote upgrade.

●          Support manual switching, automatic switching.

●          Management methods: keyboard setting, EMS

●          AC / DC 1+1 redundant power supply, wide voltage range, more secure and stable.

●          Pluggable design, 1U equipment supports 4 x link protection,2U equipment supports 8 x link protection




Operating wavelength

1310±50nm, and 1550±50nm

Monitoring optical power range

+20~-40 dBm

Monitoring optical power accuracy

±0.25 dB

Monitor optical power resolution

±0.01 dB

Return loss

≥45 dB

Polarization - dependent loss

≤0.05 dB

Wavelength - dependent loss

≤0.1 dB

Insertion loss

<1.5 dB

Switching time

Typical: 10ms

Maximum: 15ms

Working life


Power-down state

Hold or switch to the standbyrout

Operating temperature

-10 ~ 60 ºC

Storage temperature

-40 ~ +85 º C

Fiber optic interface


Hardware parameters:

●        2 x mode setting buttons

●        3 x SC/APC optical interfaces

●        Power supply: AC 220V (100V ~ 276V), DC 48V (-35V to -70V)

●        Power consumption: <5W

●        Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% non-condensing

●        Altitude: -40 meters to 5000 meters

●        Working time: MTBF 140127 hours