Real-time OTDR For Telekom Malaysia
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Real-time OTDR For Telekom Malaysia

Founded in 1946, TM (Telekom Malaysia) is one of the largest multi-service operators in ASEN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

For global coverage, TM has established over 560,000KM fiber, 246,000KM copper cables etc. TM is in need for surveillance system to keep best performance of these key assets. With FOMS (Fiber Operation Management System) system, the OFC (Optical Fiber Cut) allocation process will take 5 minutes instead of 4 hours as present technology.

Fig 1. FOMS Process In NOC


TM chose Sino-Telecom as 3-Yrs exclusive partner from 2020 till 2023. Sino-Telecom's EMS is integrated with TM’s facilities to give full support for daily operation and maintenance.

STN6200-II, equipped with mature OTDR and OSU modules,  are massively deployed in remote area. Each chassis monitors 64 to 92 cables at same time. With stable performance and O&M feature, Telekom Malaysia can monitor entire network effectively.

Fig 2. STN6200 Family

Open NBI (NorthBound Interface)

Table: Application Integrated Over NBI In FOMS Project



CAMELIA (Centralized Access Measurement & Line Access)

User administration

FPAR (Fiber Port Activation Request)

Operator can create lines without logging in FOMS system.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Ticket management platform can trace and balance the load for O&M.

FLASH (Inventory System)

Storage for Cable ID, User ID

FOMS2 (Fiber Operation Management System 2)

FOMS3 will monitor previous projects.

HA (High Availability) Service Protection

Sino-Telecom provided STN6200 optical cable monitoring system for TM, which is composed of S-FNMS network management system and monitoring equipment. The network management system integrates visual interfaces such as GIS, topology, and testing. Automatically test according to the preset period and compare with the benchmark data to accurately analyze the degradation trend and fault situation of the optical cable. In addition to testing idle fibers, it can also monitor the operating conditions of optical fibers.

The monitoring equipment integrates OTDR, OSU, PMU and other hardware, modular design, plug to operate.

Fig 3. NMS Connectivity

Business Value & Conclusion

Sino-Telecom’s OTDR solution protects client’s important assets. It also reduces the unnecessary operations of workers, and saving 80% manpower. Furthermore, it improved NOC operational efficiency. It provides a reliable guarantee for the quality of TM's network operations and promotes a substantial increase in its business volume. 

By June 2021, Sino-Telecom delivered 500 nodes and still expanding.