OTN/DWDM For RosTelecom Armenia
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OTN/DWDM For RosTelecom Armenia

GNC-ALFA (RosTelecom Armenia) is subsidiary of Rostelecom, Russia’s largest integration service provider in all segments. It covers millions of households, governmental and private organizations etc.

GNC-ALFA planned to deploy 4*10G +2*10G traffic with protection from Bagrashen-Abovyan, Bagrashen-Vanadzor. Cable lose is 0.27dB/Km. Longest single hop reaches 105Km.

Design Principle:

a) Terminal configuration Point-to-point with 1+1 optical line protection.

b) DWDM meshed networks using optical interconnection nodes.

c) The protection switching should be achieved in less than 50 ms.

d) Modules which increase the system’s application range shall be an integral part of the system (i.e. they shall fit into the same shelves, reuse the same basic modules, etc.).

Fig 1. Network Topology


STN6800 multi-service optical transport platform (STN6800 series) is a new generation of WDM products to meet the optical transmission application scenario. STN6800 includes 1U, 2U, 5U and 10U chassis, which can realize large-capacity service transmission and support flexible optical layer scheduling and electrical layer scheduling. Moreover, it has the features of high integration, high reliability and multi service. Its system architecture is as shown in System Architecture.

Fig 2. STN6800 Family

Fig 3. STN6800 System Architecture

Cross-connect Capability

STN6800 provides hybrid scheduling capabilities for optical layer wavelength and electrical layer wavelength services.

Service Access Capability

STN6800 supports a variety of access service types such as SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) service, SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) service, Ethernet service, SAN (Storage Area Network)service and OTN (Optical Transport Network)service etc. For more details please refer to STN6800 Production Description

Protection Capability

STN6800 can provide equipment level protection including 1+1 protection of power supply board, 1+1 protection of system control board; and network level protection, including optical channel routing / optical channel wavelength / optical line 1+1 protection, OMSP protection, ODUk SNC protection, and ring protection.

Unified Network Management System

OTN/DWDM devices can be managed/ configured/ monitored by NMS3000 software. Users can realize performance management, fault management, configuration management and security management in the graphical user interface.

Business Value & Conclusion

As Fixed/Mobile Operator, GNC-ALFA cannot endure with poor support and maintenance provided by present supplier. In order to ramp up network performance and control the OPEX, GNC-ALFA chose Sino-Telecom for strategic partner for network expansion under tough technical conditions.

Due to quarantine caused by Covid-19, GNC-ALFA has finished commissioning by local team members. The NMS provided by Sino-Telecom is easier for users to understand comparing to previous vendors. GNC-ALFA is taking daily operation & maintenance by local team only, with remote support from Sino-Telecom.

GNC-ALFA is satisfied with Sino-Telecom’s equipment and project delivery.

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