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Former Secretary-General of ITU Zhao Houlin and his delegation visited Sino-Telecom to inspect and guide the work

Dec 08, 2023

On the afternoon of November 27, 2023, Zhao Houlin, former Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union, visited the headquarters of Sino-Telecom Technology Co., Inc. in Shanghai to guide the work. Zhang Yanchuan, Secretary-General of the China Institute of Communications, accompanied the inspection.

The day before the 6th China Information and Communications Conference in 2023, Sino-Telecom, as the first batch of outstanding technology enterprise representatives of the China Communications Society, welcomed Secretary-General Zhao Houlin and his delegation for on-site inspection and guidance. This is a reflection of Sino-Telecom's achievements in the communications field in recent years. Full recognition and encouragement for achievements.

In the company's exhibition hall, Xie Hu, Chairman of Sino-Telecom, introduced Sino-Telecom's development history, product system and innovation capabilities to the leaders in detail.

The company's network security products started from access networks and gradually expanded to metropolitan area networks, data centers and core networks. After more than ten years of efforts, Sino-Telecom has now developed into a rare product coverage in the domestic network security field. A full industry chain company from optical splitting and distribution (hardware) to public Internet security governance systems (software); the company's network communication products focus on network decoupling and actively respond to customers' cost-effective network construction needs, in both the optical network and data communication directions. By insisting on high-intensity R&D investment for a long time, Sino-Telecom has carved a way out on a track filled with giants. Nowadays, Sino-Telecom has become a vigorous new force in the field of domestic network communications. In the company's growth process, network communication products and network security products have technically supported each other and echoed each other in the market. Currently, a good trend of integrated development and hand-in-hand progress has been formed.

During the visit to the exhibition hall, Secretary-General Zhao had an in-depth exchange with Mr Xie, Chairman of Sino-Telecom, learned about the company's specific situation in R&D, production, sales and service. Secretary-General Zhao affirmed Sino-Telecom’s achievements in technology accumulation, product innovation and market expansion, and encouraged Sino-Telecom to explore the international market and actively participate in the competition in the international communications industry.

Later, accompanied by Sino-Telecom Chairman Xie Hu, CTO and Marketing Director, the two leaders visited Sino-Telecom System Verification and Reliability Laboratory. The laboratory has complete facilities and advanced technology, demonstrating the company's product advantages and technical strength in network communications and network security. The leaders affirmed the facilities and management of the laboratory and required Sino-Telecom to be brave in innovation, take on important responsibilities, and actively promote the research and development of next-generation communication equipment.

In the rooftop sky garden of Sino-Telecom building, the leaders appreciated Sino Telecom’s green environmental protection concept and beautiful working environment. The table tennis room and basketball court provide employees with a place for leisure and relaxation, and also reflect Sino-Telecom’s active and healthy work and life philosophy. Leaders expressed their appreciation for this kind of environmental protection and humanistic care and believed that this is an important part of promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.

Finally, Secretary-General Zhao inspected the company's production workshop, watched Sino-Telecom's production management and quality control processes on-site, and expressed his affirmation of the company's production capacity and quality management level.

Secretary-Generals Zhao Houlin and Zhang Yanchuan spoke highly of Sino-Telecom's R&D capabilities, product quality and corporate culture, and expressed their expectation to see Sino-Telecom's greater development and breakthroughs in the communications industry in the future. This inspection and guidance is of special significance to Sino-Telecom. Sino-Telecom will continue to work hard, pioneer and innovate, and contribute to the prosperity and development of China's communications industry.