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OBP Subsystem

OEO6500B: Optical Bypass Protection (OBP) Subsystem

The OEO6500B is an optical bypass protection subsystem launched by Sino-Telecom. This platform has the characteristics of high service integration, high port density, rich service types, and flexible configuration.

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The optical bypass protection subsystem is a crucial network component aimed at ensuring the high availability and connectivity of fiber optic communication systems. By continuously monitoring the quality of optical signals and the status of network nodes, it swiftly switches to a backup optical path when the primary path fails. This prevents communication interruptions and data loss, ensuring the stability and reliability of network operations. Equipped with intelligent switching and automatic recovery features, the optical bypass protection device is indispensable infrastructure. It finds applications across various sectors, including telecommunications operators, enterprise data centers, financial institutions, healthcare, and more. Its role is to guarantee uninterrupted operations of critical business functions and secure data transmission.


●          Support for no-light lock.
●          Supports two management methods: Console, Telnet
●          Supports TFTP remote upgrade.
●          Automatic instantaneous switching, with a switching time of less than 15ms
●          The switching module adopts a simple and stable circuit design, ensuring extremely high reliability. The management modules are independent of each other and do not affect one another.
●          Plug-and-play design with flexible capacity configuration.
●          Supports both AC 220V and DC -48V power supply options, featuring 1+1 power input protection.

Physical Characteristics


1U Chasis

2U Chassis




Slots Number



Power supply

DC48V/220V (Optional)

Working Environment


Storage Environment


Relative Humidity

5%~95% non Condensing

Technical Specifications



Operating wavelength

850±50nm, 1310±50nm and 1550±50nm

Monitoring optical power range

+25~-50 dBm

Insertion loss

R3-T1, R4-T2

≤6.8 dB


≤4.5 dB

R1-T3, R2-T4

≤1.5 dB

R3-T5, R4-T6

≤6.8 dB

Monitoring optical power accuracy

≤0.5 (+25 dBm ~ -40dBm )

≤1.0 (-40 dBm ~ -50dBm)

Monitoring optical power resolution


Return loss

≥45 dB

Polarization dependent loss

≤0.1 dB

Wavelength dependent loss



≥ 55dB

Switching time


Interface Type


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