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OLP Subsystem

1U/2U Optical Line Protection (OLP) Subsystem

The Optical Line Protection Subsystem, designed to address the critical demands of optical transmission networks with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

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The Optical Line Protection Subsystem, designed to address the critical demands of optical transmission networks with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

At the heart of our Optical Line Protection Subsystem lies its adaptive architecture, capable of dynamically detecting and responding to network anomalies in real-time. With configurable 1U and 2U options, users can tailor their protection strategy to meet the specific demands of their network infrastructure.

With the 1U configuration supporting up to 1 main control slot and 3 business slots, and the 2U configuration accommodating up to 1 main control slot and 7 business slots, our system offers scalability without compromising on performance. This flexibility enables operators to optimize resource allocation while minimizing footprint and operational costs.

Whether deployed in metropolitan, regional, or long-haul networks, our Optical Line Protection Subsystem provides a robust defense against disruptions, ensuring seamless connectivity and service continuity. From telecommunications providers to enterprise networks, our solution empowers organizations to deliver mission-critical services with confidence.


●          Support hot-swappable service cards.
●          Support quick line switching via buttons.
●          Support local serial port maintenance.
●          Support power-off locking to ensure uninterrupted line services.
●          Support monitoring of optical power on the line side, allowing viewing of real-time power.
●          Support logging of line switching to record abnormal switching states.
●          Support reporting of port anomalies and alarms.
●          Support SNMP network management.
●          Low insertion loss.
●          Plug-and-play design with flexible capacity configuration.
●          Support AC 220V and DC-48V power supply options, with 1+1 power input protection.

Physical Characteristics





Device Dimensions (mm)




Installation Method

19-inch cabinet

Slots Numbers




Power Supply

Rear-mounted power supply:
Dual DC-48V or
Dual AC220V or
DC-48V plus AC220V

Front-mounted power supply:

Dual DC-48V

Cooling Method

Fan cooling

Working Temperature

-10℃ ~ 50℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ ~ 80℃

Relative Humidity

5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)



OLP 1+1

OLP 1:1

Operating Wavelength

1310 ± 50nm / 1550 ± 50nm

Monitoring Optical Power Range

+25~-50 dBm

Insertion Loss

Main Path

<5 dB


Alternative Path

<5 dB


Return Loss 




Optical Power Resolution


Measurement Precision of Optical Power

≤0.5dB ( + 25dBm ~ -40dBm)
≤1.0dB ( -40dBm ~ -50dBm)

Polarization Dependent Loss


Wavelength Dependent Loss 


Switching Time

Typical: 5ms
Maximum: 10ms


Max. Power Consumption



Interface Type


Occupied Slots Number

one slot


1+1 OLP

1:1 OLP

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