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DCI Solution For China Telecom

Company: China Telecom Cloud Computing Center - Hangzhou
Location: Hangzhou
Industry: Cloud computing
Capacity: 2T (20X100G

In March 2012, China Telecom Cloud Computing Company was established. As the first carrier-level cloud computing company in China, it is a professional company under China Telecom and the largest cloud computing service provider in China. At present, China Telecom has more than 700+ data centers with more than 60,000 edge nodes, and star-rated computer rooms account for more than 80%. It has built cloud resource pools in all the 31 provinces in China. It provides internet, SaaS and PaaS services to millions of industrial, financial, education, medical, government, fusion media, agriculture, transportation and logistic customers.


China Telecom cloud computing company- Hangzhou needed to deploy a 2T high capacity protected DCI link between two new sites Yiqiao and Xingyi. To save more fiber resource and rack space for the future, the client requires to use high capacity DCI equipment. At least 100G/200G on client-side ports, 400G on line-side ports.

However, customer's data center network is a ring topology, which requires to perform disaster recovery.So, the main link and backup link of these two sites need to add EDFA and OLP to be the compatible with the entire ring network.
In addition, due to the COVID-19, the customer also wanted to avoid on-site travelling from equipment vendors as most as possible. The DCI equipment must easy to use, and remote monitoring function is mandatory.


Sino-Telecom STN6800-D16HE integrates 400G OTN, OLP, EDFA modules to support the ring transmission network and point to point protection. It offers high capacity, remote management and monitoring etc.
STN6800-T4QH module supports 4x100G QSFP28 based client ports, 1x400G CFP2 based line port. It is hot pluggable, and the customer could smoothly expand bandwidth with additional modules.